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Patient Testimonials

Share Your Experience!

Discover what our patients have to say regarding their office visit, surgical experience or recovery process. We also encourage our existing patients to share their own experience!

Beth M

  • Hip Replacement

“After many years of limping around I went to the Dr to determine the source of my pain. I was devastated to learn I needed a total hip replacement due to an old injury. I was referred to Dr Kruse for a consult. He came highly recommended and after doing some research determined he was the one I trusted to help me get my life back.

It's only been 10 days and I wish I had done the procedure years ago. I'm walking without a limp and immediately after surgery felt less pain than I had in years!!

I can't think Dr Kruse and his team enough for giving me my life back!!

His team is professional, accessible and caring and will support you through the process.

Pam C.

  • Knee replacement

“If anyone tells you that you need a knee replacement, see Dr. Kruse as soon as possible. He and his staff are truly the best. You are a person to them and you will be getting the best surgeon and care team you can find. (Amy Lindell, PA deserves her own "shout out".) Dr. Kruse is that rare surgeon who not only excels at what he does, but is also a caring human being with a sense of humor. The information packet he provides tells you exactly what to expect both pre and post-surgery. He replaced both my knees within the same year (the second knee decided to join the party early). My recoveries were excellent.

I encourage anyone who needs a knee replacement to have Dr. Kruse do it sooner rather than later. In the scheme of life, the surgery and recovery are a very short term inconvenience for getting your life back. And I did get my life back. I can take long walks, do stairs and keep pace with my 6'4" sons walking down the street.

Mick M.

  • Hip replacement
Mick M.'s photo

“As a 57 yr old athletically active male in need of two hip replacements, I was experiencing a decline in my ability to remain as active as I wanted due to constant pain and decreased range of motion. I interviewed several orthopedic surgeons and after meeting with Dr. Kruse, my decision was clear. His positive attitude and confidence assured me that I could regain my active lifestyle.

Dr. Kruse and his team were positive and professional throughout my pre and postoperative care. I was able to walk the day of surgery and returned home the next day. I returned to biking, cross country skiing, and roller skiing within two months and just completed 15 days of alpine skiing this past winter, less than 6 months after my second surgery, with no pain during or after skiing.

I highly recommend Dr. Kruse and his staff. Their care and positive direction allowed me to go safely forward without holding me back. Thank you Dr. Kruse and your team for returning me to a lifestyle I love!”

Jane B.

  • Knee Replacement
Jane B.'s photo

“I chose Dr. Kruse after several friends had recommended him. My right knee had been bad for years, but I now found walking extremely painful. Upon telling this to Dr. Kruse, he thought it best to x-ray both knees. After looking at the x-rays, it was apparent both knees were equally as bad. I had no idea, just knew every step was painful and that I had limped around long enough. Dr. Kruse listens. Had he not picked up on this who knows how long I would have struggled. My right knee was replaced in June 2014 and my left in August 2015. Now, not only am I enjoying long walks daily, but I took Jazzercise at 6 weeks and resumed teaching Jazzercise at 10 weeks after surgery. I am pain free and feel amazing! Dr. Kruse was confident this would be my outcome. Dr. Kruse is kind, sincerely cares about his patients and is available to you via phone or email. I am grateful to Dr. Kruse for his expertise and care.

Julie V.

  • Hip Replacement
Julie V.'s photo

“I am a very active 50 yr old with hip arthritis. After many injections and decreased quality of life, I knew I had to do something about my hip. I was referred to Dr. Kruse and had an MRI which showed more damage--it was time for hip replacement. Dr. Kruse talked about the surgery at length and I had no doubt he was the doctor I wanted. The hospital staff was a delight and I felt secure in their hands. After surgery, Dr. Kruse and his team took great care answering any questions we had. Dr. Kruse left me his card so I could reach him at anytime. He is a very well mannered doctor, with a great personality and humor. The surgery went wonderfully and I healed quickly! If I hadn't had surgery, I wouldn't have been able to ride our motorcycle, enjoy our grandchildren, nor participated as a Renaissance Festival Pirate with our own MN Jack Sparrow. Thanks to Dr. Kruse and his wonderful team. I highly recommend him and give him 100 gold stars and a pot of gold doubloons!”

Sally Ann H.

  • Knee Replacement
Sally Ann H.'s photo

“The expertise and professionalism of Dr. Kruse and his team has given me a new lease on life. The joy of walking, ascending and descending stairs without pain is amazing. I was golfing in 8 weeks and plan to ski again this winter.

I would recommend Dr Kruse to anyone considering a new hip or knee. ”

Nancy K.

  • Knee Replacement

“My husband and I have led an active lifestyle the entire 47 years that we have been married including downhill skiing, water sports, raquetball, and golf. Now that we are in our seventies, we discovered that osteoarthritis had taken its toll on our hips and knees. I arrived at a point where I could no longer be competitive at golf nor enjoy my gardening. Dr. Kruse replaced both of my knees at that time and I was literally given a new life. He is thoughtful, kind, and very skilled as a surgeon. Later, Dr. Kruse replaced my husband's right knee and right hip, which has enabled him to continue with his golf game, hunting, and fishing. The Joint Replacement Center at Unity Hospital is fabulous and the staff at both Twin Cities Orthopedics and Unity were extremely kind, considerate, and competent. We are both thrilled that we selected Dr. Kruse as our surgeon.”

John M.

  • Knee Replacement

“Are you apprehensive about undergoing total knee replacement? When Dr. Kruse told me it was not if, but when, I needed my left knee replaced, I was a little bit apprehensive. After giving it some thought, I decided I wanted to finish the summer and fall fishing season and have the surgery before the hunting and snowmobiling season began. I had my surgery at the end of September and my plan worked out perfectly! I was back to limited work in just over 2 weeks with a cane, deer hunting the first weekend in November without a cane, and snowmobiling by the end of December. Therapy was the key and I did push it pretty hard. It's now been 5 months and I am pain free and able do anything that I want to do.”

Dawn S.

  • Hip Replacement
Dawn S.'s photo

“On a scale of 1-10, I would rate Dr. Kruse and his staff with a 20! I had been given his name and after looking at his credentials and meeting with him, within 5 minutes I knew this was the doctor I would want to perform my hip surgery! Not only is he knowledgeable he has a kindness and a gentleness which allows you to trust he will give you the best care. He and his staff focus on what your health issues are and explain what method will help you before - during - after surgery. Dr. Kruse is a prime example of what a doctor and a caregiver should be - kind, in touch with his patients needs, and takes time to answer questions in layman terms. Thank you to him and his team! My surgery and recovery have been good - pain management under his team's eyes - great! If you are in pain and need an orthopedic surgeon - Dr. Kruse is the BEST!”

Cindy K.

  • Knee Replacement
Cindy K.'s photo

“At 45 years young, I was nervous about having my knee replaced. After extensive research I selected Dr. Kruse as my surgeon. The day of my surgery, I was already pleasantly surprised with the results. I was in the hospital 4 days and by the time I went home I was able to walk around my home unassisted without the use of a walker, cane or crutches. After two weeks, I was able to walk half a mile easily. I was back to work with only over the counter pain meds in three weeks. I just had my six week check up and passed with flying colors! I only wish I had done it sooner! Great surgeon, excellant therapists and entire staff. I will use him to replace my other knee without a doubt!”

Dan S.

  • Hip Replacement
Dan S.'s photo

“I can't believe I waited so long to do it. I've got a huge part of my life back. I had already given up 10 years of my life. I wasn't going to give up my time with my daughter. I was diagnosed with degenerative osteoarthritis about 14 years ago. I couldn't walk far. I couldn't climb steps very well. You name a daily activity you take for granted, I couldn't do it. Finally, the pain got so bad, I went to see Dr. Kruse. I decided to have my hips replaced when my daughter started to walk, and I couldn't play with her. A few weeks after my procedure I was playing and laughing with my daughter, and my wife said, "That's the first time I've heard you laugh like that in 9 years." I can't believe I waited so long to do it. I've got a huge part of my life back. I had already given up 10 years of my life. I wasn't going to give up my time with my daughter.”

Dorothy F.

  • Knee Replacement
Dorothy F.'s photo

“I had fallen recently in a parking lot and landed on my knee. I tried to convince myself it would get better, but the pain convinced me I'd better make an appointment. Dr. Kruse listened to the cracking in my knee and knew immediately what was going on. An x-ray and MRI followed. I wondered if Dr. Kruse would perform a knee replacement on a person close to 88 years old. He told me he did only if the patient wanted it and was comfortable with the plan. Dr. Kruse has been my doctor long enough to know he was someone I could trust and depend on. Not only did he perform the surgery but told me that the arthritis was so bad that if I had waited much longer, I would have been in a nursing home. My healing time was faster than anyone anticipated. Dr. Kruse knew what he was doing and performed with his usual skill. The surgery was a success due to the combination of an excellent doctor and a determined woman.

~Ms. Foss is recently the first time author of the novel "The Greatest of These."”

Jane K.

  • Knee Replacement

“I had been told more than once that I would know when it was time to have my knee(s) replaced. When my knee pain increased to the extent that I was unable to walk without serious pain and getting in and out of the car became problematic, I realized that the time had indeed come to get serious about surgery. After several different sources recommended Dr. Kruse, I made my initial appointment and was favorably impressed by the doctor and his staff. I scheduled my surgery for the week of Thanksgiving, was home in 4 days; after working my way through physical therapy I was back to work in early January. My only regret is that I waited so long to undergo the procedure. I know that Dr. Kruse fully understands the mechanics and intricacies of the surgical procedure. I am not certain that even a highly trained and experienced surgeon can fully comprehend the impact that living pain free after so many years has on a patient's quality of life. Thank you for restoring my mobility and independence! ”

Joan B.

  • Hip Replacement
Joan B.'s photo

“I would tell someone contemplating having hip surgery...don't waste any time, do it as soon as possible, because those are weeks, months or years that will go by wasted. The particular moment I decided to get my hip fixed was when I felt too young to be so handicapped. After I had the operation, I still expected pain, but I was pleasantly surprised that the first day Dr. Kruse came in and examined me, I realized my hip pain was actually gone. I walked up a flight of stairs on the third day of my recovery. I actually feel blessed. I got married one year later, walked down the aisle and danced at my wedding.”

Dave R.

  • Knee Replacement
Dave R.'s photo

“There's a point where your life just becomes miserable if you don't get it replaced. My dad was always a real outdoorsman just like his father was. So he raised my brother and me the same way, active in a lot of sports - fishing, cycling, camping. I was always pushing the edge, which took its toll on my knees over the years. The pain got so intense I couldn't do any of the activities I've always thrived on - and for me that's not living anymore. So, I did a lot of research. I interviewed several surgeon, including Dr. Kruse, and realized he was the surgeon for me. I had the knee replacement, and the moment I woke up from surgery. I noticed that the arthritis pain I'd been suffering all these years was gone.”