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Hip Resurfacing

Often utilized for younger, more active patients with less severe bone damage from arthritis, hip resurfacing is an alternative to total hip replacement that preserves more of the patient’s natural bone. Contact Dr. Kruse to learn more information »

Because of the constant, naturally occurring stresses on the hip joint (due to its central role in supporting the body’s weight), it is prone to developing degenerative diseases, such as osteoarthritis. Osteoarthritis is the leading cause of hip pain, beginning with inflammation and often leading to permanent damage as the bones of the hip rub together.

Dr. Kruse knows how important it is to his patients to maintain a healthy lifestyle, and that any amount of hip pain can be debilitating. He is dedicated to using the most advance technologies to provide his patients with the best treatment possible. Before considering surgical treatment, Dr. Kruse will create a custom conservative treatment plan, often including pain medications, changes in activity level, and a strict physical therapy regimen.

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Minimally Invasive Hip Surgery

Patients suffering from advanced osteoarthritis often receive the greatest relief of pain symptoms from total hip replacement or hip resurfacing. Total hip replacement involves the complete removal and replacement of the ball of the thighbone and the socket of the pelvis with a prosthetic implant. Unlike total hip replacement, hip resurfacing does not involve the removal of the ball of the thighbone.

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Patients under the age of 65, those who actively participate in athletic activities, and those who have good bone quality, often benefit most from hip resurfacing. During a hip resurfacing procedure, Dr. Kruse will use minimally invasive surgical techniques to remove the damaged areas on the ball of the thigh, reshape the remaining healthy bone, and cover it with a metal cap.

Dr. Kruse will then resurface the hip socket to remove the diseased areas and secure a metal and plastic cover on the socket, which coordinates with the cap on the resurfaced ball. To achieve the most accurate placement possible, orthopedic surgeons may use minimally invasive surgical techniques, such as robotic assisted surgery, during hip resurfacing procedures.

Hip Resurfacing in Minneapolis

Dr. Jay Kruse is a board-certified orthopedic surgeon dedicated to using the most advanced technology to provide patients in the surrounding Minneapolis area with the highest quality care. He specializes in using minimally invasive surgical techniques in the treatment of advanced arthritis of the hip. To learn more about the benefits of hip resurfacing, make an appointment with Dr. Kruse at his Coon Rapids office at (763) 786-9543.